Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Hunt Services

What Is APT Hunting?

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) is a sophisticated and highly-targeted attack designed to evade traditional security measures and remain undetected for an extended period. APTs are typically launched by well-funded and organized groups, such as nation-state actors or organized criminals, and usually have severe consequences for the targeted organization.

Camelot Secure APT

Flip the Script—Become the Hunter!


Cloaked Threats Lurk With Impunity

You can’t destroy what you can’t discover. The exponential expansion of cloud-based assets has resulted in an exponential proliferation of attack surfaces, often much faster than your teams can identify them.


Proactive Strategy and Execution Close the Gap

Camelot’s Secure360 cyber threat hunt strategies help you avoid the cyber-attack impact altogether by finding the malware before it deploys to cause harm. If adversaries have burrowed into your systems, our rapid onsite incident response and remediation services move quickly to identify and neutralize the threats. Early detection mitigates infection risks and greatly reduces the timeline to remediation.

The 360 Response:

  • Threat hunting is embedded in the fundamental DNA of the entire Camelot Secure360 platform.
  • Our strategically placed threat hunting teams are comprised of experienced analysts with diverse areas of expertise to handle any situation 24/7/365.
  • We can perform threat hunting in any environment, be it on-premises, cloud, hybrid or air-gapped.
  • Our exclusive Fly-away HIRT kits enable extraordinary hunt capabilities in remote or air-gapped environments.
  • The Camelot Secure360 platform doesn’t require large amounts of data to be exported for analysis, as it creates a cyber data-mesh to query data sources in place.
  • The end product of our 360 threat hunting is a cybersecurity defensive posture assessment complete with strategic courses of action for “getting well.”