The Barbarians Will Always be at the Gate…but Which Gate?


Did you Remember to Lock All of the Doors?

Your adversaries are criminals, and this is not a game to them. Your team must take malware threats as seriously as they do. Every. Single. Minute.


At Camelot, Trust Never Sleeps.

Our decades of experience working with elite security-conscious organizations has deeply informed our advanced protection strategies. We’ve been taking out the trash longer than most of these crooks have been able to type. Our battle-tested techniques, blended with our next gen AI/ML innovations, equals a remedy for what you need the most: peace of mind.

The 360 Response:

  • Deeply rooted in the MITRE Att&ck framework.
  • Customized attack vector testing based upon business sector.
  • Leverage automated tools and proven processes to safely test for hundreds of real malware attacks.
  • Safely tests the ability of malware to move laterally through your organization.
  • Rely on up to the minute threat intelligence to tailor malware testing to relevant industries.
  • Our detailed findings reports give you a roadmap back to security; our incident response teams can quickly assist with all remediation efforts.