Advisory Services


A perpetual state of cyber warfare

Cybercriminal activity is rising, and how your company prepares, protects, and deploys Cyber defense matters. In 2021, ransomware cases grew by 92.7%, and according to Fobes, “Almost 90% of all U.S. critical infrastructure is believed to have been impacted by a successful ransomware attack in 2021. And most CISOs (nearly 80%) believe the world is now in a ‘perpetual state’ of cyber warfare.”

Are you hardening your attack surfaces?

Do you know where to begin looking for vulnerabilities?


Camelot Secure professionals using advanced AI-enhanced tools

Many organizations need assistance buttressing their in-house expertise to address cyber threats adequately. Camelot’s cybersecurity professionals have the knowledge, skills, and experience to monitor the cyber environment, IT systems and identify threats with advanced AI-enhanced tools. We can protect your company with world-class cybersecurity advisory services without the expense of hiring challenging to find cybersecurity professionals. In addition, our team ensures companies comply with current and evolving regulations. (i.e., CMMC, HIPAA, PCI-DSS).

The 360 Response:

Our services include:

  • Threat Hunt Services: Proactively seek out and identify advanced and persistent cyber threats actively trying to infiltrate an organization’s networks and systems. It is a continuous and iterative process that involves collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data from various sources to detect potential threats and prevent them from causing damage.
  • Penetration Testing: Camelot has developed a revolutionary offensive security platform that has been meticulously designed to manage and scrutinize the publicly accessible assets and network infrastructure of any company. Unlike companies that rely on manual penetration testing and require more information, Camelot leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI). The AI capabilities are unique among penetration testing capabilities because they produce comprehensive threat intelligence, predict attack patterns, and devise customized attacks that adjust to the specific data of your environment.
  • Incident Response Services: In the event of a cyber-attack or breach, our incident response team will quickly and efficiently respond. We will investigate the incident, contain the threat, and work with you to develop a remediation plan to prevent future attacks. At Camelot, our mission is to ensure resiliency in the face of cyber threats, and our incident response team’s effective actions are a testament to that commitment.
  • Security Compliance: Our experts ensure your organization meets all relevant security compliance requirements. We conduct audits and assessments to identify any area of non-compliance and offer recommendations for achieving full compliance.
  • SOCaaS: Our SOC as a Service (SOCaaS) provides 24/7 security monitoring and management. Camelot’s experts monitor your systems for potential threats and provide real-time alerts and notifications for an actionable response.
  • Risk & Vulnerability Services: Assessing your organization’s overall risk posture and identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and infrastructure. In addition, we provide a detailed report and recommendations to help you harden your attack surfaces and further mitigate risks.
  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR): Provide ongoing endpoint detection and response that monitors your cyberspace and sends real-time alerts. Proper use of MDR helps protect your systems from potential threats.
  • Playbooks: Our playbooks provide a step-by-step guide for responding to cyber threats and incidents so you can respond quickly and efficiently to potential threats. Having a referencable playbook is a key method to train employees and create a type of “muscle memory” that helps to ensure a repeatable and predictable process—especially for ISO and audit purposes.

The rise of cybercrime highlights the need for companies to prepare and protect their data to avoid loss. Unfortunately, many companies need more expertise to address complex and sophisticated cyber-attacks, which is where cybersecurity advisory services come in. Let Camelot’s team of professionals provide you with world-class advisory services to help reduce attack surfaces and mitigate the risk of a breach.