Camelot’s Offensive Approach To Cybersecurity
Makes Its Debut at The John. F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts


Stanford Oliver, CEO of Camelot

Columbia, MD, March 7, 2023 – Camelot, a revolutionary new cybersecurity company, will make its formal market introduction at The John. F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., on March 16, 2023. Camelot offers a new approach to cybersecurity that proactively identifies threats and mitigates them before they cause any damage.

Stanford Oliver, CEO of Camelot, explains the inspiration for his new company, “I was inspired by the story of Camelot and King Arthur’s ability to bring together the finest knights with complementary skill sets to solve the toughest problems; I realized this template was needed to address today’s cybersecurity issues. By approaching the cybersecurity problem holistically, Camelot can help companies mitigate attacks by disrupting a cyber threat’s decision cycle.”

The John. F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts event marks the company’s commitment to revolutionizing the cybersecurity industry by taking an offensive approach, interrupting a cyber threat’s decision cycle (or sequence of steps), and insulating digital assets. Camelot’s specialized operating groups employ a combination of vulnerability assessments, risk assessments, red teaming, cyber threat hunting, and cyber threat intelligence analysis – leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to deploy solutions that differentiate from modern cybersecurity methodologies.

Camelot’s unique approach is made possible by a world-class workforce of experts from the military, intelligence community, and private sector. Their expertise in fighting cyberspace threats and using data analytics to analyze threat intelligence brings a high level of innovation to the forefront. Moreover, it helps the company look at hacking attempts from a different viewpoint – the viewpoint of the threat actors (or threat vectors).

Camelot’s inaugural event will be an evening of cocktails and conversations at The John. F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. In addition, the event will feature a performance by the DC Youth Orchestra, bringing together industry, academia, government, and community members to discuss and understand unmet and significant cybersecurity issues at a sophisticated venue.

“I envisioned bringing a diverse group of young musicians from the DC Youth Orchestra to help us bring it all together. It will be a fun and elegant event that brings people together to solve an ongoing cybersecurity problem,” Oliver added.

“IBM believes we must work together to solve cybersecurity challenges at all organizations,” said Katharyn White, Vice President of Federal Ecosystem, IBM. “Applying the orchestra analogy to Camelot, IBM provided instruments (software) and training (expertise); Camelot is leveraging this for their cybersecurity offering to identify and mitigate threats proactively. Just like DC Youth Orchestra, an elegant approach to bring it all together.”

About Camelot
Camelot is a leading cybersecurity company that takes a revolutionary approach to protecting digital assets. Unlike traditional cybersecurity solutions that rely on reactive measures, Camelot operates from a threat perspective, proactively identifying and mitigating threats before they can cause damage. In addition, the company leverages a world-class workforce of the military, intelligence community, and private sector experts to protect our customers’ data and systems, their components, and common cyber attack surfaces with the most advanced solutions to address cybersecurity challenges, including proactive, persistent automated Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Hunt tools and offensive attack surface monitoring technologies. Through these services, Camelot enables its customers to be more proactive and predictive in their approach to cybersecurity, delivering exceptional value and empowering businesses to protect their digital assets like never before.